The Company 
Our first company Marestin Ltd had been embryonic since 1989 and in business since 1992 dealing with domestic item antique restoration and innovation. From the beginning we were enthusiasts of shows and societies, particularly in the USA and in 1995 we sponsored the first annual Northern Pen show in the UK. Jim served as a council member of the UK Writing Equipment Society and promoted various societies such as the PCA, US Inkwell Society and the Belgium Pen Club and various pen and antique shows, including regular attendance at the NEC Antiques for Everyone from 1995 until 2007.


We moved to Cumbria in 1995, where we rebuilt an adjoining barn as a gallery and workshops. In 1996 Marestin Ltd was renamed The Pen & Pencil Gallery to give a clearer idea of our focus. At that time we had three workshops: one for turning, engraving, slotting and grinding; another for polishing and buffing plus material storage and the third was the repair, cleaning, industrial plating and testing workshop, with two equipped repair benches. From 2007 we started to gear down and dispose of a lot of equipment and spares and we formally closed the commercial business in 2007. However we have now re-established a hobby activity with a greater emphasis on writing and publishing. We actively encourage all who wish to write and publish their own books and we will help whenever possible. Our own efforts concentrate on The Pen and Pencil Gallery Monograph series, directed at beginner collectors, by providing a background on the range of pens, pencils and all manner of writing equipment. In 2011 we moved from our beloved barn and house to The Wirral and after disposing of skips and tools and cars, we settled in Meols nearer our children and where we have lived four times before. I am writing this after 6 months in residence in our new home, sheds and workshop and I wish it had been a smoother transition. Nevertheless we are getting organised and a workshop is nearly ready even if many of our parts are still in unmarked boxes.
We regard it as important to promote old writing equipment and particularly encourage the renovation so that items can be used. We have always had a wide range of writing equipment for sale but originally our initial main emphasis, encouraged by Arthur Twydle, was on fountain pens. However over the years we have shifted more to late C18th and early C19th writing equipment and particularly dip pens, pencils, quill knives, inkwells and desk accessories. We have recently revived a charitable element to some sales, to support both Cumbrian Cerebral palsy and Children in Need, which we have chosen to benefit from our hobby activities


About US


Jane was  the owner of JM pens, and a partner in PPG. She looked after the interface with the Pen Exchange, before they closed in 2004 and with other outlets, the show and exhibitions schedules and the general administration. After bringing up four daughters in 6 countries, coping with Jim, and a few grandchildren- writing equipment is easy. She has a specific interest in treen, small silver and ornate pencils and has been known to raise the price of an item, she likes, beyond the reach of any purchaser.

Jim (John)  spent 30 years with Unilever, mostly overseas in technical and development roles. He looks after the hands on repair and restoring and does most of the writing and research.( He is currently writing three books hopefully out this year). He regularly emphasises three important factors which influenced his writing equipment apprenticeship; US shows, meeting Arthur Twydle and Michael Finlays book. His main interests are early C19th accessories,

quill knives, dip pens silver and the intricacies of pencil and fountain pen repair.


Terms of trade
Satisfaction guarantee
Our aim is to make money through you as a customer being pleased with a purchase. Any item sold by us, is ‘satisfaction guaranteed’- if you are unhappy with a purchase and the item is returned to us in the same state as it was despatched, within 7 days, then we will refund your money without any question.
In general the customer pays the cost of postage, insurance and packaging. Normally this is about £5. In cases where this is more expensive we will pre-discuss with the customer in order to try and reduce costs without jeopardising the delivery and security. Repairs are normally despatched by the same class as received but with the understanding that often the claimable amout is limited to about £30 if it is not special delivery. We always record despatches and obtain proof of postage.
These will be sent in the safest possible way. If you have any preference, we will be happy to adopt that preference. Despatch to the USA is more complicated than within Europe and we have lost packages. We also cannot guarantee that duty will not be payable but we will qualify and describe the items in an accurate way, so that customs officials will be in no doubt as to the contents and their age. We will not be responsible for any lost items that have involved the purchaser stipulating his own value and description.
All items must be paid for before despatch. We accept US$ and Sterling £ cheques as well as cash  We are registered with Paypal . Our receiving email is
Service activity
Valuation, searches, consultancy and renting out period items will normally be prepaid or the invoiced amount will have been formally agreed beforehand by letter.
For average repairs, prepayment is not normally required but for major restoration we will agree some form of progress payment or deposit.
We accept no liability for personal injury, which may result from the abuse of any iem including repaired items.
While we do everything possible to ensure success with a restoration sometimes the risk is greater than we are prepared to take. In such cases  we consider a restoration to be ‘at the owners risk’ and we will of course inform him and leave the decision up to him as to whether we  commence with any work.


OUR MAILING CONTACT IS 62 Dovepoint Road, Meols, The Wirral, CH47 6BB UK
PHONE 44 151 633 2131